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It’s always in times like this americans that never think about MLK, put the use of his name on rapid fire. That is to say lazy liberals, both black and white, make futile attempts to grasp onto an ever increasing and fleeting specter of a man whose narrative has outgrown his life and death exponentially. This post is not designed to discredit King by any means, but it is here to flood a 21st century light on a 20th century ideal that was predicated on western social and religious naïvety. The most unfortunate aspect of this tragedy is that there were and continue to be, black americans that truly believe if they only work a little harder, or earn a slightly higher degree from a slightly better school, that they will receive slightly better compensation and treatment in the workforce and general society. Keep praying niggas. Let’s keep waiting in vain for your savior to stop the powers that be from denying your 5th attempt at a home loan, or the police “randomly” stopping and searching your person on your way to and from work. It was always intended for us to know our place. Social upward mobility for black people was always a myth and best of all, america recruited the ideal spokesperson to further this idiocy. If we don’t band together we are forever FUCKED! In closing, I have to confess I once bought into this ridiculous notion, instructed to do so by a flawed great man, whom himself learned it from a flawed great man. From MLK to my great grandfather Preston Grandval Anderson to me.

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